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    If you need excellent texts – you can buy them from «Special Case»!

    Text is one of the most powerful ways to exchange information. It’s not just a great booster of advertising, it provides the possibility to convince a customer to buy products or services from you!

    We understand how important it is to choose the right words, so all our articles are:

    • written individually, in accordance with the details of a certain objective;

    • focused on a specific target audience;

    • thoroughly checked for errors;

    • always delivered on time.

    For us, it is not difficult to use both literary and technical language. We can address highly specialized audiences by using specific terms;or ordinary people who need complicated notions to be explained for them in simple words.


    Attention! Your income directly depends on the quality of written text!


    You can order the following services from «Special Case»:

    • Copywriting – writing unique articles on a given topic.
    • Rewriting – the creation of articles by deep reworking of an original text.
    • Seo Copywriting – the development of texts for websites using keywords to increase the rating of a resource and make it easier for it to get found by those keywords.


      • maintaining a corporate blog or a news section of a website;
      • proofreading and editing texts provided by the customer;
      • execution of rewriting and SEO-Optimization of texts provided by the customer;
      • translation from English and French to Russian;
      • translation from Russian to English.


    Say “NO!” to dull, ignorant, annoying and intrusive articles!

    Say “YES!” to interesting and readable texts, effectively transmitting information to readers!


    We strive to make each article bright and attractive to customers so that it would provoke the desired reaction: calling, buying, clicking on the link, placing an order, making a repost, etc.


    Our experts are ready to write for you:

    • Article that sell;
    • Advertising texts;
    • Informational and presentation materials;
    • Essays and reviews;
    • Technical documentation and user guides;
    • Texts for newsletters and publications in social networks;
    • Commercial offers;
    • Slogans.

    Properly expressing a necessary thought in the written form is a real art.

    Place your order and you will receive the informational support for your work provided by professionals!

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