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Translation and editing of texts

We perform translations – correctly, quickly, professionally!

If you are working with foreign resources, or the target audience of your organization speaks different languages, it is necessary to ensure that your information receives a comprehensive form.

We offer:

  • translation from English and French to Russian

  • translation from Russian to English

  • proofreading and editing of texts translated from English (including the comparison to the original version).

Our exclusive offer: translation of audio and video materials into text – both to English and to Russian!

“Special Case” has:

  • a professional approach

  • experience of working with complicated technical documentation

  • profound knowledge of IT

  • understanding of highly specific terminology

  • performing translations of both literary and technical texts

  • 100% responsibility and attentiveness of translators

We employ skilled professionals only!

Generally, the quality of texts generated by software applications and websites performing automated translation is still far from high. Moreover, such resources cannot properly translate sentences with complicated structure, at all. Therefore, it would be better if a professional translator would do this job.

The same is true when working with ready texts: proofreading and correcting (including basic facts checking) should be done by a specialist. Ideally, this should be a person with a good experience of working with similar topics. A proper translation is especially importnant for those who work with texts related to IT and telecommunications, and other hi-tech industries.


Our translation makes you get understood!


If you need excellent texts – you can buy them from «Special Case»!

Text is one of the most powerful ways to exchange information. It’s not just a great booster of advertising, it provides the possibility to convince a customer to buy products or services from you!

We understand how important it is to choose the right words, so all our articles are:

  • written individually, in accordance with the details of a certain objective;

  • focused on a specific target audience;

  • thoroughly checked for errors;

  • always delivered on time.

For us, it is not difficult to use both literary and technical language. We can address highly specialized audiences by using specific terms;or ordinary people who need complicated notions to be explained for them in simple words.


Attention! Your income directly depends on the quality of written text!


You can order the following services from «Special Case»:

  • Copywriting – writing unique articles on a given topic.
  • Rewriting – the creation of articles by deep reworking of an original text.
  • Seo Copywriting – the development of texts for websites using keywords to increase the rating of a resource and make it easier for it to get found by those keywords.


    • maintaining a corporate blog or a news section of a website;
    • proofreading and editing texts provided by the customer;
    • execution of rewriting and SEO-Optimization of texts provided by the customer;
    • translation from English and French to Russian;
    • translation from Russian to English.


Say “NO!” to dull, ignorant, annoying and intrusive articles!

Say “YES!” to interesting and readable texts, effectively transmitting information to readers!


We strive to make each article bright and attractive to customers so that it would provoke the desired reaction: calling, buying, clicking on the link, placing an order, making a repost, etc.


Our experts are ready to write for you:

  • Article that sell;
  • Advertising texts;
  • Informational and presentation materials;
  • Essays and reviews;
  • Technical documentation and user guides;
  • Texts for newsletters and publications in social networks;
  • Commercial offers;
  • Slogans.

Properly expressing a necessary thought in the written form is a real art.

Place your order and you will receive the informational support for your work provided by professionals!

Server support, security and protection of data

Information is always worth its weight in gold. Its safe storage, fast and secure transmission, privacy are matters of great importance for any organization.

Total computerization resulted in appearance of new types of work with data: in particular, the need to protect it from viruses, network attacks, failures, etc. Just imagine that an interference from outside might nullify years of your efforts!

We help to solve one of the most important needs of any company: to provide correct and uninterrupted functioning of its information systems!

We offer you the services of remote configuration and server support in different verions of Linux and Windows:

  • OS installation on the hosting server
  • configuring Web servers, mail and other settings
  • updating your software
  • finding solutions for your network’s problems
  • setting up the backup of your data
  • health monitoring of your network and ensuring its smooth performance

Attacks and attempts of breach are launched against a huge number of online services and websites, each minute. It is is not always possible to learn about the fact of hacking at once. So when the problem is found, it is often too late.

We will help to increase the level of your protection and security!

SC’s specialists provide:

  • fine-tuning of your network subsystem
  • removing vulnerabilities in your existing software
  • protection from DDoS-attacks
  • complex measures against hacking

We always have special concerns about code security and maximum of reliability – in any project we are assigned to.

«Special case»: each customer is special for us!

1C – Automation, revision, support

Your accounting will be perfectly accurate!

1С: Enterprise is a modern, easy-to-use solution which automates all types of economic activity. High qualification, responsibility and attention are crucial when working with these programs!

If you want your company to run smoothly – better put your trust in professionals!

«Special Case» offers a most broad range of services of installing and setting up modern software solutions for business, finance, inventory, tax and management accounting for various enterprises.

We provide professional services of management in the following areas:

  • business accounting;
  • tax accounting;
  • management accounting;
  • operational accounting;
  • personnel accounting;
  • payroll management;
  • documentation management;
  • restaurant business.

We have profound experience of implementing automation projects for a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, shops, malls and factories. Experts from «Special Case» will install and configure your software so that it would meet your very specific needs best.

Our advantages:

  • quality service;
  • experienced programmers;
  • high level of responsibility;
  • clear understanding of customer needs;
  • turnkey automation projects;
  • adequate pricing.

Documentation is the foundation of any enterprise. Don’t hesitate to address «Special Case» if you wish your documentation to be in order and to not take too much time for proper managing!

Graphic design, polygraphy

Design is a tool that shall bring you profit!

Graphic design of your website should be nice, professionally looking and memorable in order to turn into an effective way of successful development of your business.

Our services include development and creation of:

  • logos
  • complex website designs / landing page designs
  • game characters, patterns, backgrounds
  • handiwork sketches
  • polygraphy (posters, business cards, brand books, etc.)
  • corporate style
  • animated and static web banners (GIF, JPG)


    • Creation of any kinds of polygraphy products, including advertising modules for media resources
    • Development of models for outdoor advertising of any kind (exterior and interior design for shops and other facilities; outdoor and transport advertising)
    • Drawing vector images
    • Retouching, color correction and photo processing
    • Adjusting and setting up preprint layouts

In order to gain the biggest effect from your website’s design, it should be perceived as one of the most important components of your total advertising system. That is why our specialists take a complex approach to solving these tasks and do it thoughtfully, taking into account all the objectives your design should meet.

We work close with each our customer and strive to find a worthy visual representation for all our projects!

Our advantages:

  • Excellent quality
  • Non-traditional approach
  • Professionalism
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Delivery on time

The motto of our graphic design team: focus on results and never stop searching for new tools and methods to create solutions which attract the audience’s attention.


Only the «Special Case» will offer you:

  • Adaptation to different formats of advertising and information media
  • Thought-out functionality and clear navigation
  • Creation of polygraphy design concern the trading booths and shops where the printed product is to be used
  • The development of solutions oriented at a specific target audience
  • Creation of designs on topics provided by you – from scratch!


We offer you creative and efficient ideas, backed by by our profound experience! Continuous analysis of our own achievements, as well as other domestic and foreign techniques, rigorous selection of best solutions, and introduction of up-to-date methods and technologies – all this makes «Special Case» a leading company in the field of graphic design!

Website promotion (SEO) and Internet Marketing

E-marketing is one of our top areas of expertise. We take an integrated approach to the promotion of our clients’ businesses, using all available modern technologies.


Our Web Marketing Services:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – promotion in the search engines including Google, Yandex, Mail using optimal strategy and considering latest developments of search algorithms;

  • Website audit (technical, search engine and usability audits) – it reveals all mistakes and helps to make a plan to correct them and to develop the resource;

  • Contextual advertising (PPC) – an advertising model based upon pay per click principle, a tool to attract clients and instant calls. We configure and manage advertising campaigns via Yandex Direct and Google Adwords;

  • Banner Advertising – a marketing tool, which allows you to advertise the website by placing banners or videoclips on niche websites, social networks, media networks, Yandex and Google;

  • Online Reputation Management involves building positive reputation for a person or a company on the Internet. One of the key areas of ORM is representation of your brand in social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter);

  • E-mail – a proven and effective tool for improving your sales on the Internet;

  • Content Marketing – creating specific content for websites, writing unique texts and selling articles.


Our goal is not just to increase the number of visitors at your website but to grow the revenue, the number of transactions or conversions it generates.

Websites and Apps Development

We offer you the creation of successful and selling websites, which satisfy all modern requirements and correspond to the latest trends!

We use the latest technologies of web development and web application design.

Here are some of our skills:

  • creation of selling landing pages with high conversion rates;

  • creation of business card websites with individual design;

  • development of profitable e-shops using customer engagement techniques;

  • building corporate websites with friendly interface and full information about a company, its products and services;

  • creation of news and entertainment portals with high traffic rates;

  • creation of high-load web-projects and fault tolerant systems;

  • building adaptive websites for all kinds of mobile devices;

  • running e-commerce projects based on 1C-Bitrix;

  • creation of back-office applications, CRM and B2B systems;

  • providing tech support and upgrades.


The experience level of our professionals allows you to successfully implement your solutions: from simple business card websites to high-load informational portals.

We guarantee a creative apporach to each your project with a full attention to details and deep understanding of your marketing goals.

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