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Professional knowledge
in focus areas
We believe we can't be experts in everything. Our focus lies in web sector, specifically in applications, websites and integration systems. That helps to deliver high-quality solutions and keep the low retention.
13+ years in web
development industry
We have started our careers in 2006 during the early rise of modern web and mobile development technologies and products. However, we're not so old-fashioned or expensive like the ancient web developers.
Agile to decrease
Our firm utilizes agile but not because it's a "buzzword". We value agile for the ability to decrease time-to-market and costs for our customers.
Ability to work with
all clients
You can see huge companies and SMB businesses from different industries among our client list. Thanks to our professional flexible structure; we value all clients equally.
Cost reduction via
transparent billing
Our projects are billed on a per-hour basis. Clients are able to track the design & development process inside the open system which shows hour estimations.
Complete solutions
for online business
Our skills include not only expert web or mobile design and development services, we also help our clients with marketing and management issues using our SEO, digital marketing and CRM knowledge.
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