Сlient management system (Custom CRM) for "Equipment Maintenance and Customers"

Under a NDA, a similar CRM with wide features was developed by our team from the scratch. The customer provided us based technical description and general idea of the system with prototypes. Сooperatively, we had designed UI and approved the basic concept and objectives of the system for users. The Database was designed and optimised before the CRM implementation.
Technology Stack
  • build shopify with react
Preview project (any styles and information were changed). The demo contains limited features and editorial rights.
This client area allows to manage the relationships between equipment units, companies, models, placement points, managers, available options, updates and services to implement. It helps CRM operator to account any item, monitor the implementation of their services and connections. The web application is built on Laravel with MySQL database run on Linux. Laravel framework was used to create the system with various improvements:
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