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If you are in search of the top expert Laravel partner to support you in creating your web app or scaling a working product? You will get a meaningful profit from association with the Laravel development company with strong professional and project administration expertise. The Best experts from SpecialCase can meet your demands and make the best recommendation for your project.

We propose our clients a range of frames: Laravel Website Conception, App Development, Testing Process, Cloud Development, Laravel Movement, and Integration. Despite Laravel application development, we offer our clients consulting.

Our partnership does not end with the project deployment. SpecialCase provides our customers with support and maintenance.

We’ve gained substantial expertise in diverse industries — SAAS, ECommerce, CRM, and lots of others — and assemble Custom Laravel Development for both — startups and industry giants.


What Makes us a Leading Laravel Development Agency?

A full-stack in-house company employees are available for each of your plans — the experts of the most distinguished level for your projects. The team consists not only of highly-skilled developers but also of QA experts, UI/UX architects, and PMs who will find the best solution for your idea.

We apply the most suitable project supervision methodologies. Working as an outsourcing partner for many years, we have already studied and worked out the most efficient working methods. We are also responsive to work with clients from any time-zone.

SpecialCase experts have an in-depth knowledge of various industries, projects of multiple locations, and any business sizes.

We provide fast and cost-effective work. We follow timeframes and your budget. From the beginning, we offer you a precise estimate for your project so that we exclude unforeseen expenses.

Also, we ensure a clear task record, and that makes us the excellent choice when you are looking to hire Laravel developers.


Freqently Asked Questions

What is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the top PHP frameworks for building websites of any complexity and any functionality. It is a web application framework. It is a perfect choice for those willing to create a reliable project.

Is Laravel a Technology for Frontend or Backend?

Laravel is a web framework of PHP, and PHP is a server-side programming language. We use this framework for backend web development. This popular framework comes with the model view controller (MVC) architecture.

What Advantages Does Laravel Have for my Business?

Laravel has a significant amount of business advantages like the high speed of development, high level of security for databases, excellent web application performance, streamlined authentication, complete customer access, keen tool integration capability, and many more.

Is Laravel Software Secure?

All startup founders and business owners recognize security as a top priority for any business. And Laravel can exclude a risk of data leak and prevent client information access from unauthorized users.

It provides the safety of its databases with XSS, CSRF, and SQL-injections. Using the framework for your application development, you can minimize all of the security breaches and make it as safe as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Websites Built on Laravel?

  • Websites built on this framework have rich functionality. It is an excellent solution for developing projects of any complexity — from simple websites to layered resources.
  • Easy website maintenance and extensive scalability opportunities.
  • Mobile database and comfortable administration of different versions allow implementing new features avoiding critical errors, and not losing the quality of resource’s work.
  • Reliable database protection with XSS, CSRF, and SQL-injections.
  • The simplicity of the admin panel. Due to ample opportunities for changing the admin panel, it is easy to choose the most comfortable way of website management.
  • Support for different versions of the resource.
  • Speed of development. You will get your product working fast because the development cycles are efficient.

What Makes Laravel Development Faster?

There are 20+ pre-installed libraries that make this framework an excellent choice for faster development. These libraries are built with the principles of object-oriented programming and speed up developing many features of the product on Laravel.

Also, MVC architecture, well-organized documentation, templating engine Blade, library manager Composer, pre-installed OOP libraries, and much more help to make development cycles more efficient.

What’s Your Expertise?

We have experience in eCommerce Laravel-based solutions. We built online shops, B2B, and B2C marketplaces. All products work on all screens and appeal to customers. Solutions we created are attractive for both type of customers — buyers and sellers. We follow customer-centric and research-driven approaches to develop new products.

We used this framework as an excellent solution for eCommerce. Speed of work and performance levels are crucial for any online store because users are not usually ready to wait more than 3 seconds for a page download. Online stores built on Laravel have a high level of online store performance.

We also have delivered a range of Laravel-based CRM solutions. It is a great tool to create a simple customer relationship management system. And we made numerous CRMs on it.

During years of successful work, we helped our clients to manage their relationship with their customers in 3 ways — creating CRM from scratch, adding CRM features to an already existing web app, and integration with Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive.

We have helped our clients to add CMS features to their websites. There are plenty of great pre-built CMS solutions, and there are cases when you need to add some CMS features to your already working website. In such instances, Laravel can also be a great solution.

We have dealt with Laravel-based ERP solutions. ERP system helps integrate all of the processes needed to run a company, and we created the before-mentioned solutions on Laravel.


Having reviewed everything above, we have to say that the framework is reflected to be the most promising these days so that more and more clients outsource Laravel developers. Our fundamental goal is to provide you with a well-qualified service and implement all the brilliant ideas to get the fastest feedback. Willing to cooperate? Welcome!

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