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Full Spectrum of Software Development Services

SpecialCase provides custom software development services for businesses around the world. We deliver cutting-edge innovative solutions ranging from initial analysis, architecture design, remedying of emerging digital issues, to testing and deployment. Transform your business and unlock its full potential with SpecialCase: the dependable full-cycle software development services company for all your professional software development needs.

The SpecialCase Approach
to Software Development Services

Personalized Approach

At SpecialCase, all technical experts have the right mindset to offer customers development of highly functional and long-lasting software solutions. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to each customer and project. Our professional custom software developers are trained and expected to deliver systems and software that get high Returns on Investment and clear, valid, and quantifiable business outcomes.

Best Practises

Experts at SpecialCase understand the importance of swift development. We prioritize the quick delivery of the first version of your custom business software solution. Moreover, SpecialCase experts exercise the implementation of effective and quick DevOps practices (IaC, automated configurations, and testing, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD), to guarantee fast delivery of custom software and development projects. Implementing these procedures also ensures the use of clean and reliable code while also making the deployment process simple.

Business Communication

Communication is also a noticeable hallmark in our approach to custom software development services. We exchange useful information regarding custom software solutions with all major project stakeholders, even those from other business departments. This strategy helps us cultivate at SpecialCase a strong level of trust and rapport with our customers, enabling all participants to have smooth cooperation throughout the delivery of our service.


Trusting us their custom software project, customers can expect effective software solution, comprehensive documentation of the development process, a user manual, set up program or service, installation and maintenance guidelines, the source code, and a custom warranty report. All customers have full intellectual property rights and the entire software source code. And, our maintenance and support mechanisms ensure that the client uses their software, web app, or system issue-free.

Full Spectrum of Custom Software
Development Services

Our custom software development company offers a comprehensive array of services to multiple industries around the globe. Our custom service is characterized by speedy software development, wise budget and resource spending, high-level software developers with proven track records, and extensive business domains and technology stack expertise. Our rich experience and personalized approach to development ensures the delivery of customized and competitive solutions for each of our clients.


Our software development service can also repurpose your legacy system to line up more with your current business and customer needs. Depending on your requirements and the state of your legacy system, our modernization services may include code rewriting, refactoring, re-designing, or re-building your architecture, among others. By upgrading outdated codes, technologies, software, and UI/UX, our software service will help you increase B2B ROI.


Our software service can help you migrate your website or application from the current environment to a new one of your choice. We’ve helped clients move their legacy systems from desktop or on-premises to the Cloud successfully. We can also move your application from one Cloud service to another. Our migration process is efficient, speedy, secure, and confidential. And, we ensure that your business operations don’t stop during the migration.

QA and Testing

We provide a software full-cycle QA and testing service during the development. Using the latest techniques and technologies, we’ll check your software product’s performance against the set requirements and end-user expectations.

Technology Stack

Experts at SpecialCase leverage a combination of programming languages, tools,
and frameworks to create web and mobile applications as well as other custom solutions.
These include:

Solution Types

SpecialCase software solution types span web app development, high-converting sites development, round the clock server services, mobile app development, API integration, and eCommerce development, and much more.


Our experts have done an excellent job in software development, earning recognition by GoodFirms as the Top Mobile App Development Company and Top App Development Software.

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