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Freqently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

We prefer to think that customer satisfaction is the key to everything — that’s where we’re drawing inspiration for our work, customer interaction and support processes. We’re trying our best to present the broadest set of features to be developed while not charging a fortune for our services.

What is WooCommerce’s base?

As it stands, WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that has been developed for WordPress in Fall 2011 and has been one of the most popular e-commerce services ever since.

Is there any post-launch maintenance or support period?

Each and every one of our Woocommerce store development projects gets 90 days of free maintenance and support service. If you’re experiencing some sort of issues in that timeframe — we’ll be here to help you with that in any way we can.

What’s the custom website development cost?

A lot of people are saying that being transparent is incredibly important – and we, as a Woocommerce development agency, completely agree with that. That’s why our company always offers to assess the extent of future work in segments before naming the final price. It may vary greatly depending on your requirements and the amount of custom development services needed.

What about your pricing model?

Flexible is one word to describe it. You can always use a variety of payment gateways like Paypal to pay for an entire project at once – or you can hire some of our developers for more specific tasks or services and pay for it on an hourly basis.

Do you perform testing before presenting a website to a client?

Each of our projects goes through a lot of different tests to weed out the possible issues or unforeseen errors. We’re proud to say that our customer satisfaction rate in that regard is as close to 100% as it gets – we’re working really hard to ensure that your future store would be working properly for years to come.

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