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How should I choose the ecommerce platform for my project?

We can help you with this, let’s just discuss the technical aspects of your project and based on our experience and your potential budget we’ll recommend you on of the platforms: either cloud ecommerce or on-premise hosted in chosen datacenter.

Is it possible to switch from one ecommerce platform to another without losing the SEO traffic?

Yes, and we provide such migration services. If you’ll execute the ecommerce platform layover correctly saving exact URLs, specific parts of the HTML code, server geoIP and some other stuff – this will not be harmful to your rankings.

Any chance that there would be some currency or country limitation with the solution I’ve chosen?

It all depends on the gateway chosen for payment processing, but in general all of the solutions we’re using have almost no limitations in currency or location. We can integrate any local payment gateway.

Is there any way to choose an already created theme for my website and not design it from scratch?

Indeed, there is a development scenario like this, most of the solutions we’re working with include theme marketplaces with a broad variety of already created themes. We just customize them for the customer.

Can I see how a certain theme would look like without actually buying it?

You can and it’s quite simple. All of the solution stores include an option to “preview” the theme you might want to see before buying. The only common limitation of that mode is that you can’t change templates of the theme you’re viewing before actually buying it.

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