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Freqently Asked Questions

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a famous eCommerce development solution, it’s considered to be one of the most powerful solutions there is. A lot of users praise its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and the overall working speed, earning its reputation. OpenCart also includes a lot of customization options, including social, multiple payment methods integration, order management, built-in Google Analytics support, software updates and free support, etc.

What’s in the core of OpenCart as a service?

OpenCart is developed in PHP, it’s an open-source platform that’s based on the combination of MySQL database and MVC framework.

Why choose OpenCart as an eCommerce solution, in-between many others?

OpenCart isn’t just popular because of one feature – it’s powering over 300k+ stores all over the world. OpenCart as it is offers a wide range of features, like:

  •       Multi-store functionality;
  •       Google Analytics integration;
  •       Comprehensive management of your product catalog;
  •       User-friendly customer management system;
  •       Payment gateway support;
  •       A wide range of modules and themes;
  •       Built-in marketing tools and promotions;
  •       Community support, and more…

Why choose our OpenCart development services?

We’re providing our services until the customer is happy with the result of our work. We’re also providing the maintenance and customer support services whenever they’re needed. We’re working with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and understand that your website is essentially the face of your business – that’s why it needs to be both presentable and full of necessary features, and we pride ourselves on doing exactly that.

Is there any chance that some countries or currencies might not work with OpenCart?

The only possible reason for that might be the chosen payment gateway, but generally OpenCart is working fine with the overwhelming majority of currencies and has little to no country-specific limitations.

What’s the minimal requirements to get my OpenCart store working?

The simplicity and user-friendliness of OpenCart allows for the most basic “starter pack” there is – you only need the actual products that you’ll be selling and a credit card for payments. Everything else is covered by OpenCart development services like us.

Can i see the theme without buying it?

Yes, you can, there is a preview option in the theme store, the only handicap is that you can’t change templates until you actually buy the theme you’re looking at.

I changed a part of my theme and i don’t like it, can I reverse it?

Yes, “older versions” button is what you’re looking for, it allows for you to see all of the changes you made and undo the ones you want to be gone.

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