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What is Shopify?

Basically, it’s an e-Commerce shopping cart solution that’s based on the “cloud” technologies and works as SaaS (Software-As-A-Service). Shopify provides both the ability to build your site from scratch and to choose one of the pre-created templates, appealing to both big companies and small businesses, and to both B2B and B2C markets. Using it solution gives you access to admin panel with a variety of options, from order processing to data storage. Shopify users also get both reliable and safe website hosting for their project. Latest research shows that there are more than 820,000 Shopify users in the world.

What’s the full range of provided features?

There’s a quite substantial variety in what Shopify development services can provide, including:

  • Shopify store setup and maintenance, including an integration option with popular third-party modules like X-Cart, OpenCart, Zen Cart, OsCommerce and more;
  • Graphic designers are also available quite often by those companies to make your website even more “one-of-a-kind” thing;
  • Seamless integration with a lot of payment platforms and options, including Amazon Payments, PayPal, Skroll, Ingencio and so on;
  • Integrations with both ERP software suites and CRM databases, it allows for easier control of your online sales;
  • Integrations with PIM systems to be able to upload your XML or RSS shopping feed to Shopify catalog;
  • PSD-to-Shopify converting feature;
  • SEO and speed optimization services;
  • Custom-made apps, features and add-ons, providing the best support no matter what device is used to work with the website (Windows, Android, iOS);
  • Multiple shipping options, be it UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.

How does PSD-to-Shopify service work?

It’s an option when we can convert your preferred design in almost any format – be it in .pdf, or .png, or .jpg, etc. – to a specified highly optimized and customizable Shopify theme format.

What do I need to start working through Shopify?

There’s only two main things you need to begin: the actual product or products that you would be selling and something for payments, aka credit card. The utility of Shopify freely works with all of the OS there is, so you’ll only need a qualified web developer for both installing and improving your Shopify site, and that’s it.

Is there any limitation in currency or country while working with Shopify?

It’s entirely dependent on the payment gateway that’s used, but generally Shopify freely operates within almost every country and/or currency.

How can I see the full extent of the theme before actually buying it?

It is actually quite possible, there’s a “preview mode” in Shopify Theme store that allows for you to setup the theme over your store without releasing and/or buying it. The only handicap of this mode is that you have no ability to directly modify the templates before you actually purchase the theme.

What’s the catch with buying themes?

No catch, you pay only once – for an actual theme. Both theme support and possible updates are free-of-charge.

Can I roll back the changes I made in my theme?

Yes, there’s an “older versions” button you can see while managing your template files, through that you can easily control and undo all of the changes there is.

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