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What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a platform with open-source nature that is capable of building highly-efficient applications for Android, iOS and Windows using .NET.
Xamarin allows developers to write all of the app’s logic in a single language and then share up to 90% of the progress across supported platforms, achieving great performance ranks on each platform in small amounts of time.

What are the Benefits of Using Xamarin as Your App’s Core?

There’s a number of benefits that Xamarin is capable of providing, including:

  • Native UI;
  • Minimum or no bugs;
  • Testing automatization;
  • Highly efficient compile code;
  • Decreased time-to-market, and more.

How Can the Client be Updated About the Development Progress?

Every development project with our Xamarin agency implies that a client will have a project manager assigned to them. They’ll make their best to keep the client up-to-date about the development and the project’s progress in general.

How Good are Your Security Measures?

We’re using a number of important security features to maintain our reputation as a certified Xamarin application development company, like network security measures, signature-based permissions, constant workplace monitoring and we also refuse access to app’s content providers.

What App Types Can You Create Using Xamarin?

The main advantage of Xamarin is its cross-platform development. You can create both Android and iOS apps that would be basically similar to their native analogues and would have time and cost advantages from Xamarin as a platform. The long and short of it is that Xamarin is capable of creating native apps with a high rate of code sharing while simplifying app requirements at the same time.

Is it Possible to Use Third-party .NET Libraries With Xamarin Apps?

Yes, it is. Xamarin is capable of providing native project templates, making it quite easy to include Java and Objective-C libraries (Android and iOS respectively), and there’s also a lot of .NET vendors that ship Xamarin-compatible libraries, as well.

Is There a NDA for Your Projects’ Contents?

Certainly, we’re signing NDAs with each of our clients even before providing the full range of Xamarin app development services.

What About Owning the Client App’s Code and Documentation?

As the Xamarin app development process is finished – you own your app’s code, and we’re providing you with complete documentation for your app or solution.

Is There a Way to Change or Modify a Part of my App After the Development Cycle is Completed?

It depends on how big is the change, our support team can help you to learn more.

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